Keynote: Disruption isn’t anarchy – it is a strategy

Time: 17.30 - 17.55 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014
Speakers: Damian Horner
Location: Aarhus City Hall, Rådhuspladsen 2, 8000 Aarhus

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The web is all about engagement.

But why would anyone want to engage with you, if you look, sound and act just like everyone else?

The world has changed but most organisations haven’t.

Too often they play to the conventions of their sector in a bid to look ‘professional and solid’ but forget that in this new era of interaction and sharing – they actually come across as cold, anodyne and soulless.

By disrupting the rules and challenging expectations – brands can assert their personalities and give consumers something tangible to connect with.

It sounds so obvious – but for most organisations it is terrifying to do what no one else is doing.

This is the story of the psychology, creativity and strategy behind a start-up that is breaking all the rules in the most conservative of all sectors (Finance)– and winning.

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Presentation “Disruption isn’t anarchy – it is a strategy”