Keynote: How the inclusion of Millennials and technology will shape the future

Time: 17.05-17.30 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014
Speakers: Rose Cameron
Location: Aarhus City Hall, Rådhuspladsen 2, 8000 Aarhus

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Rose Cameron is a student of culture. Observing how it works, why it works and the people & thinking that drive it. She’s used these insights to innovate the strategies of companies such as McDonald’s, AT&T, Nintendo, Microsoft and Coca-Cola over the 25 years she has worked as a cultural anthropologist and brand strategist. In her role as Director of Innovation (Online and Outreach) for Penn State University, Rose is responsible for identifying and helping to channel the most elusive of cultural phenomenon – the community’s power to innovate.

In her keynote, Rose will explore the core principles of fostering innovative cultures from across the ages. From Bologna during the Age of Enlightenment to modern-day Austin, TX incubators, she will show how the best results come from cultures that:

Rose will use both historic and modern-day cultures of innovation to illustrate these principles and highlight how the inclusion of Millennials and technology will shape the future.