Paul-Jervis Heath

Keynote: Naked Innovation

Time: 16.40-17.05 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014
Speakers: Paul-Jervis Heath
Location: Aarhus City Hall, Rådhuspladsen 2, 8000 Aarhus

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Paul-Jervis Heath regularly walks into offices like yours armed only with a sharpie and a mountain of post-it notes. He is a designer and founding principal of Modern Human: a design practice and innovation consultancy. He works with big companies and new startups alike to invent new products and services. In the space of 30-minutes he’ll share practical insights he’s picked up through a 15-year career in which he’s designed everything from in car information systems, connected home appliances and stores of the future.

He will share insights like…

Focus groups will not give you insights that drive innovation. The roots of new products and services lie in watching your customers’ behaviour and uncovering their latent needs.

Brainstorming gives ideation a bad name. It is not a sensible route to breakthrough ideas. It was conceived to generate tag lines for commercials not complicated things with lots of moving parts like a product or a service.

Creative thinkers, such as designers and architects, use synthesis to arrive at solutions rather than analysis. Synthesis is hands-on problem solving and requires sketching, making and iteration to be successful. It eliminates paralysis by analysis, it gives you momentum and anyone can do it.

The eureka moment is a myth. New products and services do not arrive fully formed in anyone’s head. It takes rounds and rounds of iteration. Every product or service starts life as a sketch and comes to life through rounds and rounds of continual refinement, prototypes, learning and changing.

Any product or service is actually the result of thousands of ideas, often from a host of different disciplines. A concept brings together disparate ideas into a coherent vision for a new product or service.

Your concept is only as good as your ability to persuade others of it’s awesomeness. It takes just 9 killer slides to tell a focused story that gets stakeholders onboard.

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