What’s on – Roundtable discussions

Time: 14.00-15.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Speakers: Bebo White, Beth Gleba, Brian Bentzen, Gerd Hultberg, Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen, Lotte Lund Larsen, Martin White, Paul-Jervis Heath, Perttu Tolvanen

J. Boye roundtable discussionsCome join 2 x 25 minutes of informal roundtable discussions to get answers on your specific questions or help others by sharing your expert knowledge.

Each table has no more than 10 attendees and is assigned a specific topic and moderator. First come first served: you don’t get to see who’s at the table until you get there.

After the initial 25 minutes are up, you get to pick another table for the next 25 minutes of discussion.

  1. Bitcoin and other cybercurrencies – Bebo White
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  2. Cards UX: How far can it go? – Rasmus Skjoldan
  3. Collaboration with SharePoint – Brian Schildt
  4. Content marketing in higher education – Rune Gamborg Ørum
  5. Customer experience management: Is it the future online? – Ben Rudman
  6. Developing the digital dimension for social change – Lotte Lund Larsen
  7. Digital maturity in the organisation – Brian Bentzen
  8. Help, my digital agency doesn’t understand me – Gerd Hultberg
  9. How to implement a human-centred design process – Paul Jervis-Heath
  10. Preparing yourself and your organisation for the Open Web – Rob Gethen Smith
  11. Searching for answers – enterprise search in 2014 and beyond Martin White
  12. Selling the notion of the Digital Workplace – Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen
  13. Should we stop talking about digital strategy? – Gitte Karring
  14. Social collaboration – Martin Risgaard
  15. Technology choices for building a customer/partner community – Perttu Tolvanen
  16. Towards the transparent and extended organisation – Beth Gleba
  17. We want content strategy, but where do we start? – Simona Ghita