Amplexor lets the customer decide the project approach

by Jakob Dorph Broager
October 30, 2014
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Choosing the right system integrator isn’t an easy task. There are many competent organisations out there and they all want to help you and win a piece of your budget.

To find out who is really the right match for your organisation, you will need to look beyond their CVs, their impressive list of references, their fancy offices and the list of technology partners they might have. What really matters is their methodology, in other words, how they work.

As one of the J. Boye Aarhus 14 conference partners we sat down with Damien Dewitte, Head of Consulting at Belgian system integrator Amplexor to learn more about their approach.

What sets the Amplexor methodology apart?

Because Amplexor is used to working with different content management platforms we can give valuable advice to our customers with regards to the best choice for their content and marketing architecture.

During the years, Amplexor has developed a customized project methodology, which allows our customers to choose whether they want to work according to a waterfall or to an agile project approach. Since Amplexor is part of the Euroscript International Group, we are also able to deliver Translation and Content Services to our customers.

How does Amplexor customers get value from your best practices?

Our goal is to support the Chief Marketing Officer to succeed in his digital marketing challenges. Therefore, we share our best practices on the level of technology and the project approach, in order to match his expectations. When our customers feel that we think in terms of solutions rather than in pure technological terms, then we are on the right track.

We’re used to work with digital agencies or other service providers, whether they are partners from Amplexor or  partners from our customers. We love to collaborate in order to make sure that creative ideas and technical challenges meet each other seamlessly.

Content strategy meets digital marketing

Amplexor may be called a system integrator, but we prefer to talk about solutions rather than about systems. Added value comes when our customers get best practice advice on how they should implement systems in such a way that it becomes a solution for both their content creation challenges (their content strategy) as their content publications (their digital marketing channels).

Traditional digital agencies focus on how content looks like. Amplexor extends that, thinking also about how content is created, how it is managed and how it is re-used.

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