Web Idol winner 2013: Siteimprove

Could you win the 2014 European Web Idol?

by Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen
July 9, 2014
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Do you have a great software solution to an enterprise problem? Are your users simply stunned when they use your latest release? Have you helped customers crack a digital challenge?

Once again, vendors and agencies will have the opportunity to participate in the J. Boye Web Idol competition to be held next on Conference Day #2, Wednesday 5th November.

As always, we are looking for innovative vendors from across the entire marketplace; semantic web, enterprise portal, search, website governance, wiki, analytics, blogging, CMS, mobile, social media – you name it!

J. Boye Web Idol is loosely based on “American Idol” and is a fast-paced, entertaining set of competitive demos. If you prefer succinct, comparative presentations to long-winded demonstrations, this is the session for you.

A new challenge for vendors

We have changed the format somewhat. 6 vendors met the deadline and submitted a brief proposal in the comments box below:

We will now summarise the entries and have a public vote here on the site, and the 4 most popular proposals will enter the live contest at the conference.

Download the detailed rules and guidelines

The 4 competing vendors will present 7-minute innovative demos showing how their solution can solve a business problem. It could be a software solution, an application for mobile or even a service delivery concept in relation to for example an implementation project. After the sessions, the audience will vote for the winner – who will take over the legendary trophy for a year.

We will have a distinguished panel of judges who will ask questions throughout, offer constructive feedback and help you interpret the rapid-paced product demonstration. In the end, the audience will vote for their favourite idea and select the winner.

The rules are simple: Introduce what you have got that can help solve a business problem or improve a task or work process – and sell it to the participants using a live demo. Demonstrate the benefits of your offering and convince the audience that your entry is the most impressive and valuable at this year’s show. For an example of how it can done, enjoy the winning pitch from Siteimprove at the J. Boye Aarhus 2013 conference.

The judges will be judging the presentations on:


Jessica O'Sullivan-Munck September 14th, 2014 23:07

Siteimprove Accessibility – Helping thousands avoid alienating website users!

What many people don’t know is that up to 20 percent of website users have some form of a disability that makes accessing the web difficult. That is around one in every five people, or for example more than 148 million Europeans! Even if you are not a numbers person, that is a load of people to exclude from your website’s potential user base.

Here at Siteimprove we are dedicated to making the web available to all and therefore the problem we address is website accessibility. With our newly redesigned Siteimprove accessibility tool we show our companies and organisations of all shapes and sizes can work in a simple and effective way to increase their site’s accessibility – hence adhering to best practices and the WCAG 2.0 guidelines.

As our real life example we’d love to show how our tool helped East Devon City Council in the UK ensure that when they launched their new website that it was accessible – meaning no more waving goodbye to up to 20% of visitors and perhaps 20% of revenue!

Christopher Justice September 15th, 2014 14:17

The Wisdom of the Crowd Selfie

In today’s mobile first world, publishing content and images on the go is a requirement for many field workers, for example journalists. At the same time, content management systems that are efficient as well as easy and fun to use on every device are hard to come by. In this web idol demo, we want to turn the J. Boye audience into instant publishers. We’ll show you the basics, but then, you’ll have to act. All you need to bring with you is a mobile device, tablet or laptop… and a healthy dose of spontaneity. Prizes will be awarded for the fastest submissions and the most unique contributions.

Oskar Lauritzen September 15th, 2014 22:05

Having Enterprise demands but limited budgets?

Join us for a seven minutes tour where we’ll show you how to create a responsive website and leverage the benefits of the cloud – backed with the new free open source CMS, Composite C1.

First we’ll show you how easy it is to setup a site, at the nearest cloud-hosting center to you. How the solution will automatically scale from 1, 8, 16, X and back to 1 server(s) depending on the load on your site.
In addition, if targeting a global audience, we’ll show how to publish your content to your multiple sites at the seven Azure hosting centers made available worldwide, giving your visitors speed and thereby improving the conditions for providing the best experience possible.
… and everything at a very low cost!

About: Composite C1 is the new free open source CMS based on the Microsoft stack. Translated into 10 languages e.g. Chinese, Arabic, French. In few years installed in 150 countries, and growing with at thousands new installs every month.

Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer September 19th, 2014 12:19

Forget the Online Catalogue.

The days of the online catalogue are over. Customers have near-infinite choices for their online shopping, and with touch points on every channel, they expect brands to communicate consistently and convincingly across platforms and devices.

The importance of holistic digital experiences is especially important for eCommerce. To remain competitive, brands need to move beyond simply providing brochures of products. Businesses need to foster diverse buying journeys across channels– leveraging content to truly drive engagement and creating relationships with the product and brand.

We’ll show you how the right platform can help your content reach the right audiences and drive your commerce site.

Joerg Schaeffer September 19th, 2014 14:17

You own an online shop or brand experience, but you struggle to differentiate yourself in today’s crowded market?

Use digital storytelling and compelling content to drive visibility in social channels and organic search.
Increase customer engagement and loyalty with your brand and shop.
Ensure brand consistency across all channels and languages and in real-time.

Let us convince you how easy it is to create compelling experiences with CoreMedia LiveContext today.
Our seven minute showcase will leave you “hungry for more”.

Dario Bezzina September 23rd, 2014 17:21

Working Better Together with Jive

Today our businesses are stuck in a trap. We have information and content, but it is stuck in file folders and Outlook PST files, and you can’t find them not to mention easily share them to help others. As IT digitally transforms the organisation, end users are faced with frustration and disruption. Applications and systems turn into silos of files, communication, collaboration and personal information profiles.
The good news is Jive came along!
Jive eliminates these silos, acting as a bridge to provide a single experience across environments and devices, optimizing IT investments and improving business results.

Now there is an easy way to ask and answer questions, share documents and to collaborate. Technology and especially the internet evolved, why can’t our businesses?

Jive is the premier provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business, recognized as a leader by the industry’s top analyst firms in multiple categories.
Our products enable people and organizations to work better together, using technology that adapts to their way and the boundaries of tribal knowledge are broken down. Jive allows us to connect, interact, and work with others across the office, across the street, or across the country. It is the framework for success that utilizes the Internet and provides us with the ability to work and to learn from each other.

The world’s best companies depend on Jive to unleash the ideas and impact of their employees, partners and customers.
You will learn how PricewaterhouseCoopers achieved their goal to provide one common social networking & collaboration platform that accelerates their ability to connect with each other and collaborate together to create value for themselves and their clients.
PwC was able to unite 100.000+ active users from 776 locations in 158 countries on one Jive. With the help of tailor made use cases, they were able to decrease internal email volumes by 25%. All this while significantly increasing efficiency and effectiveness in employee onboarding, sales enablement, strategic alignment and expertise location.

If you would like to learn more on how Jive can help you and your business, vote for Jive and join us in the final presentation of the J. Boye Web Idol Award.