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Internal influencers is the key to a successful social business

by Jakob Dorph Broager
October 29, 2014
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In the digital era, the way to do marketing and raise awareness of your brand and products is to create something that people want to share on social media.

Internal influencers are a key asset and essential to the success of your social business, says Eileen Brown, a social business guru who is speaking at the J. Boye Aarhus 14 conference.

How do we sow the seeds of influence and nurture for long term advocacy?

It takes time to cultivate an influencer who will become an advocate for your business. Companies can encourage customers to become influencers by their ongoing connections with the customers.

It comes down to communication, validation and repetition. Having a great set of resources internally and a great product to talk about will encourage your internal advocates to spread the message on your behalf. Consumers have a wide range of choices which is affected by the market conditions and their own social framework. Rewarding your customers with value driven products will change their expectations for the future of your product.

You also need to consider the innate social behaviours of your customer — in the way that they make decisions in groups or alone, unconsciously or consciously.

How does herding and flocking impact product success?

An app store with one app is not much use to users looking for a great product experience.  The more that people use a service, the more will flock to it. The success of Facebook as a social network site is due to the amount of people interacting with the platform. Contrast this with a brand new social network. Until it reaches its tipping point, it will not be successful. The  same principle holds true for products. Creating a great, unique product or service will entice users and encourage them to sign up for the product.

Tsu, the new social network is a classic example of how herding and flocking are encouraging many to sign up for the service at tsu.co. Users are flocking to the site, but need to use another user’s short code (mine is eileenb) to access the site for the first time. Influential users or Tsu are driving its success

What do we need to know about influencing for 2015?

It is clear, that some companies do not take advantage of their internal influencers, preferring to generate buzz and excitement amongst the external community. If internal advocates are utilised then the message is significantly amplified across new potential customers who might not be aware of your new offering.

Influencers can help people see other people’s choices better, reinforcing a change of behaviour and encouraging them to try something completely new.  With new social networks, the product becomes more valuable the more people actually use the service. Willingness to participate can drive more and more people to the service until critical mass (the tipping point) is reached.


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