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What is new at J. Boye Aarhus 14?

by Lau Hesselbæk Andreasen
November 3, 2014
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If you’ve participated in previous J. Boye conferences, you probably want to know what is new at the J. Boye Aarhus 14 conference happening this week.

While feedback from past conferences tends to be positive, we still think we have managed to implement a few improvements this year.

Conference Theme: Networked knowledge in action

Turning experience into advantage was the conference theme in 2013 and this year we are taking a further step forward. We still want to emphasise the vast potential in our shared pool of knowledge and the importance of making the right decisions and taking the right action in an increasingly agile world. For more details on the theme, start here: Networked Knowledge in Action.

We kicked off this theme at the J. Boye Philadelphia 14 conference in May and we’re excited to introduce it as the over-arching theme at this tenth anniversary edition of our European conference. We look forward to seeing how the 60+ conference speakers relate and respond to it.

Networked knowledge in action is a trend we have explored throughout 2014 in several blogs post and in-person at several J. Boye group meetings.

5 new keynotes and 60+ speakers

As always, we’ve been busy since the beginning of the year to carefully curate the programme and find new speakers to introduce to the J. Boye community and we’ve continued our effort to reach out to more female speakers and to find more speakers from outside Scandinavia.

This year we have 5 keynote speakers over the course of the 3 days:

In addition there are 60+ speakers, many of whom have never presented at a J. Boye conference before. New names include speakers from organisations such as City of Malmö, Coca Cola Enterprises, Copenhagen Airport, the European Commission and Nestlé Nespresso.

A challenge for vendors

Again this year, vendors have an opportunity to impress the conference with creative presentations about their products in the Web Idol competition.

This year a panel of judges made up of experienced industry professionals have worked with the contestants in advance of the conference, provided feedback and given them notes. We have some very different vendors in the contest and the session should be enjoyable. In the initial qualifier these 4 vendors emerged as the finalists: CoreMedia, Hippo, Magnolia and Siteimprove.

In other news

We’ve released a steady stream of news items about each presentation and have used the process to get to know the speakers better as well as help them make their talks more crisp and clear.

Last, but not least: our 4 social events. We have found some good new venues, including the impressive Aarhus City Hall where the Mayor of Aarhus will welcome you.

For now, we at the J. Boye team would like to wish you a warm welcome. Enjoy the conference!

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