Why accessibility matters when you’re blind

Daniel GartmannHelene Nørgaard Bech

Speakers: Daniel Gartmann, Helene Nørgaard Bech,
Time: 11.15-12.00 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: The A-Z of Accessibility – Who, What & Why
Track: User experience design,

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How do you ensure accessibility via easy methods? This presentation will show you why even a small effort can have a big impact when it comes to accessibility.

Let’s face it, web accessibility doesn’t immediately make people jump for joy or send shivers down the spine. What most people don’t realize though is the impact accessibility problems can have on a lot of web users. In this interactive presentation you’ll see why. Accompanied by Daniel, an active user of the web, who also happens to be blind, you will see real life case studies.

With estimates that up to 20% of internet users suffer from some form of a disability that makes accessing the web difficult, it’s simply too large of a user group to ignore. As our world becomes increasingly digitized and companies start looking for ways to save money via online transactions and interactions the need to have a website that can be used by all increases as well. And accessibility is not only about problems related to disabilities but also about ensuring a consistency across different platforms.