Beyond MOOCs – Make the most of social learning

Kate Sandars

Speakers: Kate Sandars
Time: 11.15-12.00 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: Disruptive learning, teaching and technologies
Track: Higher Education,

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How successful is online conversation as a means of achieving effective online learning? Born of the MOOC revolution (Massive Open Online Courses), FutureLearn is a social learning platform, built to support learning through conversation. It offers free online courses from globally renowned UK and international universities as well as cultural bodies like the British Council, British Library and British Museum.

Kate Sandars will share insights on the success of this pedagogy, based on data from FutureLearn’s first 12 months. Typically a quarter of learners on the platform are completing their courses, compared to the 5-10% reported by other MOOC providers.

As part of her presentation, Kate will share lessons from her career as a digital disrupter that can be applied to the Higher Education space. Drawing on her 15 years experience as a digital editor and product manager she will highlight the areas of commonality in the higher education space, and bring a unique perspective to the challenges faced by the industry.