“Business Model” your Intranet


Speakers: David Campillo
Time: 16.15-17.00 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: A global vs local workplace
Track: Intranet and digital workplace, Making SharePoint Work,

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In a challenging economical period, Intranets aren’t just a communication tool anymore. They have evolved from a Top-Bottom communication channel to a full fledged ecosystem where collaboration meets business application. Way before breaking Intranet silos, we first need to break business silos and envision communication, collaboration and business application as a landscape with one common goal: being ahead of the competition.

During this presentation, I will show you what are the similarities between selling products and running a Intranet. From funding to Intranet lifecycle, we will discover how to run “Business Model” driven Intranets, how to find internal partners and how to sell or re-ignite your Intranet.

What you’ll take away:

Who should attend:

Intranet Managers and Program Managers, CIOs, Communication Professionals and anyone who wants to initiate an Intranet transformation program.


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