Establishing a clear mission – from martyre’s crown to agile team work

Johanna LindvallPetra Svensson

Speakers: Johanna Lindvall, Petra Svensson,
Time: 13.00-13.45 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: Managing stakeholders
Track: Higher Education,

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Digital communication is a young discipline. Ten years ago, Lund University purchased its first CMS at corporate level. Before that, websites had been run by enthusiastic pioneers and were made up of a hotchpotch of HTML, with one webmaster in charge of everything. There was a distinct Wild West air about it.

With a corporate CMS, the Corporate Communications department suddenly had ownership of IT systems that in the space of a few years became critical to the organisation. We had no structures or even common language for what we were given to manage.

Managing digital channels also means managing ‘moving targets’. Since CMS for web publishing began to become established in earnest, a number of new phenomena have appeared: blogs, social media, apps, mobile sites, responsive sites, etc. The expectations placed on the web team thus came to incorporate learning about and managing the whole of this diversified digital arena. Because we were those who understood it best…

We are probably not the only ones to have found ourselves in a situation of continual reactive problem solving, feelings of insufficiency and a lack of confidence from both management and organisation/colleagues.

Our presentation will be about how we began our journey from ambiguity and boundless responsibility to a clearer mandate that has given us a foundation for agile teamwork and greater opportunities for creativity. Nowadays we have fun at work!
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