Higher Education: Making senior management take action


Speakers: Susan Farrell
Time: 15.15-16.00 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: Governance strategies
Track: Higher Education,

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Transforming the way senior management perceive digital by Susan Farrell (UK), University College London

UCL has a very large, complex web presence managed by thousands of editors who think independently. Over the last three years Susan Farrell has developed a three-year web strategy, set up web governance, secured a funding stream for web projects, and built a team delivering digital agency services.

This sounds like the perfect answer to all the challenges. But it’s not.  Web is still a very low priority for many senior managers, the acceptance of user experience as a key performance indicator is in its infancy, and the definition of ‘digital’ is still under discussion.

For organisations to embrace digital fully, fundamental change is necessary and this must start with transforming the way digital is perceived by senior managers.

In this presentation, Susan will explore the tactics that can be engaged to move ever closer to digital transformation.