Help, my digital agency doesn’t understand me

Gerd Hultberg

Speakers: Gerd Hultberg
Time: 16.15-17.00 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: Winning together with an agency – Slides not available
Track: Marketing,

Slides not available 

A subject that never seems to run dry at  J. Boye network meetings is how to create fruitful collaboration with digital agencies. It seems that for every fairytale ending there are at least twice as many tales of horror or relations gone avery.

In this session we’ll explore what goes wrong and just as importantly, how we can work towards better collaboration. We’ll discuss questions such as:

This session will be styled the J. Boye way: With lots of questions, dialogue and knowledge sharing – and hopefully we’ll all walk out of the room a little wiser  on than when we stepped in.