How to make SharePoint a member of your team

Søren Ahlers-Jensen

Speakers: Søren Ahlers-Jensen
Time: 15.15-16.00 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: SharePoint governance
Track: Making SharePoint Work,

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The session will cover experience and thoughts on how to gain advantage of SharePoint in an enterprise.

That’s far from an easy task, and often there a many obstacles on the path to make SharePoint a member of your team. The focus in this session will be on how to exploit governance and the importance of understanding governance and your own business.

Because what it all comes down to is: to create business value!

Furthermore in this session I will discuss the always returning question of the intranet versus SharePoint itself and I will try to present some viewpoints on how to bridge IT and Communication – the classic adversaries. All in the attempt to make SharePoint a part of our team.


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