Injecting digital into the DNA of an organisation

Tracy Green

Speakers: Tracy Green
Time: 13.00-13.45 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: Injecting digital into the DNA of the organisation
Track: Digital Leadership,


The UK Parliament is the heart of democracy in the UK.

2015 sees the 850th birthday of this historic institution, but many see it as being decreasingly relevant and out of touch with the modern world.

Digital technology may provide a remedy but how can Parliament take advantage and use it to best effect? More than technology it’s about cultural change, evolving new ways of working and digital leadership.

As Head of Online Services Tracy Green has been at the forefront of many  recent innovations but what does the future hold? How can Parliament harness technology and rejuvenate in the digital age to be relevant and effective in the 21st century?

Earlier this year the Parliament commissioned report from mySociety put in motion a process of transformation which will begin with the creation of a new Parliament Digital Service.