From Intra-“Mess” to Intra-”Success”

Peter Chloupek

Speakers: Peter Chloupek
Time: 16.15-17.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: Intranet & Digital Workplace – It’s all about Engagement
Track: Intranet and digital workplace,


In July 2012 my Directorate General not only changed name from Information Society to Communications, Networks, Content and Technology but also had a major reorganisation.

To support this changes we also started with a new Intranet to support this change. The software we chose was Jive. A social collaboration software. The road to success for us, if we can call it a success, was not an easy one. For some everything has changed to the better, for others it got apparently worse, Some of the pain points are:

So, what is Social collaboration? It simply means features, tools or services that provide for peer-to-peer or bottom-up conversations and the ability to create communities with friends or colleagues.

Many companies today face a host of rules and regulations, or are looking to solve problems that cannot be answered simply by getting your leadership in a room for a couple of hours and having them work though the issues. For these types of challenges what is often needed is a sort of “collaborative brainstorm” that involves the entire workforce.

I simply believe that we as European Commission are no different from any other major organisation. Content is created and shared via emails. Colleagues leave and knowledge sharing means (if you are lucky) a handover.

Can we stay outside? No, we can´t. The world around us is changing and only through social collaboration we can face the issues ahead and doing more with less!

This whole Journey is not only about a tool, this is also about the cultural change and to change the way we work. As the world of Social Collaboration is still new to all of us, we don´t know where this journey will end….but there are no Failures, Only Lessons!

Success stories:

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