Journey mapping – building on user insight to deliver results

Ina Rosen

Speakers: Ina Rosen
Time: 16.15-17.00 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: Step back and see the big picture
Track: User experience design,

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Investment in digital self-service solutions is growing rapidly both in the public and private domains. These investments are made with the dual ambitions of a) reducing costs and b) increasing user or customer satisfaction as a result of improved digital solutions. But frequently the investments do not deliver the anticipated returns.

A shift of focus from technology to user experience is a gateway to understanding how to create the most amenable digital self-service framework for users. And in recent years journey mapping has become a buzzword in this respect.

Why do UX-specialists suddenly see journey mapping as the golden fleece of digital service design? What do you need to know as a potential buyer? When is a journey map relevant? What can you expect to achieve with a journey map? Are journey maps as intimidating, expensive and impractically large scale as they might appear? What should you be concerned to avoid? How can a journey map create broader value for your company?

This presentation discusses various approaches to journey mapping and their respective uses for creating a down-stream user experience in self-service digital environments. The presentation also discusses scaling and scoping in respect to outcome and gives concrete examples.