Why do so many companies suck at agile?

James Cannings

Speakers: James Cannings
Time: 16.15-17.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: New business models
Track: Digital Leadership, Project Management,

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We have all heard the Agile wannabes:

“We run scrum and we meet every day but we won’t release the product until it’s completely finished”.
“We like everyone’s input but we only need to meet with whole team every now and then”.
“We start work as quickly as possible but not until we have spent a few months finalising all of our documentation.”

Equally there are some very common concerns about agile techniques:
“How do I know what I will get for my money and when will it be ready?”
“We feel more comfortable if we do all the creative work up front so we know exactly what we are getting. Surely the creative approach with agile is a little ad-hoc?”

So many companies believe that they are truly Agile but in reality they could not be much further away. Often using scrum-like terminology and going through the mechanics whilst building in a very waterfall-like way. I have heard some amusing, frustrating and downright ridiculous claims from people trying to convince me that they are running an Agile project.

In my talk I will discuss how and why so many organisations (from small to the enterprise) are getting Agile wrong. This is often as a result of the company not being convinced by Agile form the start of the project and therefore to not fully embrace it. So I will also be explaining how drinking wine in France, punting in Oxford and “T-Shirts of shame” were just a few of the ways we showed our clients that Agile will allow them to release to market in the quickest time possible at minimum cost.

What you’ll take away

• An understanding of the Agile manifesto
• The ability to identify the potential pitfalls of Agile
• How to go beyond the mechanics of Scrum to ensure you can get to market rapidly
• Recognition of how a great team atmosphere is imperative for Agile
• Full reasoning for why drinking wine can help you succeed!

Who should attend?

CMOs, Marketing Directors and Managers, Account Directors and Managers, IT Directors and Managers….and anyone who just wants to know more about Agile.