A new digital platform for Etex Group

Joris Janssens

Speakers: Joris Janssens
Time: 13.00-13.45 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: Technology landscape of our digital platform
Track: Towards The Open Web,

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I am working at the IT department of Etex Group, building a new digital platform to support the many companies within Etex in their digital projects.

The digital team was created one year ago along with growing interest from our top management in the importance of digital marketing for our business.

Digital is something new for most of our companies working in the traditional manufacturing sector, making it a challenging and interesting time to support them in raising their digital maturity.

In my presentation I will give an insight into the technology landscape of our digital platform: cms, product information management, digital asset management, web services, crm, cloud hosting, responsive design.