SharePoint 2013 as an Knowledge Sharing Arena

Ine Sørby

Speakers: Ine Sørby
Time: 10.15-11.00 Thursday, 6. Nov 2014
Session: Leveraging Personal development and sharing skills on MySite
Track: Making SharePoint Work,

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Learnings from over 10 years of experience with SharePoint in Aker Solutions starting with simple team site collaboration in 2002 piloting the SharePoint 2001 version and now running SharePoint 2013, as a large and important arena for Knowledge Sharing.
The interest and enthusiasm for SharePoint has grown with the company. Several projects has been run focusing on easy sharing and collaboration across company borders and enhancing Search Capabilities resulting in use also for the public website Lastly, Aker Solutions also introduce a personalized intranet and with an increased demand for more social functionalities, made us jump to SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2013 – leveraging competence search and personal development via MySite  
With use of SharePoint 2013, Aker Solutions has built a solid arena for knowledge sharing, introduced communities, Enterprise Search, and new intranet that includes social features. Aker Solutions put a special effort into improving My Site, and creating richer MySite profiles which will be shown at session.
The importance of a governance model and commitment
Ine Sørby has been on this journey from day 1 and will present the different tools Aker Solutions  have built on Sharepoint 2013, share the successes and the pain points. How the governance model comes in play and are designed to make sure that the solutions build on top of the SharePoint platform is governed the best and agreed way. Ine will also share successes like management commitment, training and governance. Pain points like being one of the first out with the newest version, large company structure changes and more…