Showing the value you bring to your company

Phiippe Parker

Speakers: Philippe Parker
Time: 15.15-16.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: The dream team
Track: Project Management, Towards The Open Web,

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Have you ever been frustrated that the people you work with just don’t get it? What difference would it make to your career, your working environment and your company if your bosses actually understood what you’re trying to do?
Many organisations still don’t see digital as fundamental to their business. This is both because web professionals have failed to express what online can achieve in traditional business terms, and because emerging online business models are difficult to prove in an anarchic online world.
This makes life very difficult for managers of online services who need to convince their board that cutting-edge projects are worth undertaking. And just as importantly, who need to show the value that they bring as individuals and as a business unit.
This presentation will show you:

  • How to identify business benefits using traditional models such as ROI and payback periods;
  • Newer approaches to business case development like the Lean Launchpad;
  • How to apply your analysis to make better decisions; and
  • How a good business case can help you to place your projects at the heart of your organisation.

Who should attend?

Mangers of online and social media teams, people involved in internal innovation projects and anyone who feels their job is misunderstood in their own organisation.

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