The art of taxonomy

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Speakers: Luke Bragg
Time: 11.15-12.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: Relevant Content and its Dynamic Context
Track: Digital Leadership,

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If Content is King, then Taxonomy is the power behind the throne.

Long the neglected part of content strategy, taxonomy is becoming more important to multi-channel marketing in the era of content streams, multiple channels, and big data. It’s not enough to have good content, what you also need is to add a layer of dynamic context so that customers can find the right content at the right time and you can begin focused personalization by matching content with customer profiles.

Developing a taxonomy is a challenge facing all organizations and is often tackled by the IT department instead of being spearheaded by the customer-facing marketing & sales organization.

In this presentation and discussion we will go through some of the ways you can design and institutionalize a taxonomy for your customer-facing content and services and the questions to ask along the way.