The black art of social collaboration adoption: secrets to success

Angela Ashenden

Speakers: Angela Ashenden
Time: 15.15-16.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: User adoption and change management
Track: Community Management & The Networked Organisation,


It’s broadly acknowledged that a more open, collaborative culture brings greater opportunities to make the most of your employees’ strengths, bringing together their skills, experience and knowledge in a flexible and agile way to drive innovation and create business differentiation for your organisation.

But, great as this sounds, the reality of developing a more collaborative culture is much more complex, with so many initiatives stumbling at the hurdle of adoption. In this session, I’ll share with you some of the greatest secrets to successful social collaboration adoption, addressing both the technology aspects and also the more practical issues that determine whether people will – or won’t – collaborate.

The presentation will cover:


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