The Open Suite Approach: Ride the Shock Waves of a Changing Web

Boris Kraft from Magnolia

Speakers: Boris Kraft
Time: 11.15-12.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: Founders that invent the future
Track: Towards The Open Web,

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Today, you might be concerned about Customer Experience Management. 10 years from now, the business you are in today might not even exist anymore. When the Internet of Things happens for real, change will be very swift, and it will touch every enterprise. Your business will turn into a Digital Business – or fail. So how can you ride the shock waves of a changing web?

Many marketing teams commit too quickly to a single vendor’s promise of solving all your issues right here, right now. We believe that to succeed in an ever changing web, your most important decision today is that of the web infrastructure. It should be solid, flexible, ease-to-use and highly customizable, be mobile-ready and be able to integrate with anything quickly -– from CRM to ERP to E-commerce to a myriad of marketing tools. In other words, it needs to take into account that the future is uncertain, with or without the disruption of the internet of things and the rise of digital business. To go there, we propagate an Open Suite approach – in essence the choice of a solid platform that allows you to quickly integrate whatever you need most, a platform that allows you to unify your customer communication and interaction and to combine the best available tools for the job without any vendor restrictions.

The talk will introduce you to the coming age of digital business, highlight the benefits an Open Suite approach to your web infrastructure and prepare you for your future as a digital business manager.