The black art of social collaboration adoption: secrets to success

Time: 15.15-16.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: User adoption and change management
Track: Community Management & The Networked Organisation

Location: Room O

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In her almost 15 years as an industry analyst, Angela has both written and advised on many different aspects of information management technology, including content management, portals, workflow, enterprise search and e-learning.

She joined MWD Advisors in 2007 to launch and head up its Collaboration research program, and since then has established a global reputation for helping organisations recognise and address the real challenges of how to improve levels of collaboration across their business to realise benefits such as improved innovation, better sharing of knowledge to improve business differentiation, and better support for employees in the increasingly globalised and distributed environment we work in today.

Angela’s area of speciality is social collaboration – the use of social tools and technologies to support and enable collaborative activity, be that inside an organisation, or beyond, through collaboration with partners and customers.

<p”>In addition to tracking vendor activity in this space and writing strategy reports on topics such as social intranetscloud email and social analytics, Angela regularly speaks with organisations to understand not just what technology they use, but how they went about getting people to adopt tools, identifying best practices and tips to share with other organisations embarking on similar initiatives.

She recently launched MWD’s Collaboration Capability Benchmark Tool, which helps organisations to gauge their own readiness for enabling collaboration within their businesses.

MWD Advisors

MWD Advisors is a specialist IT advisory firm which combines actionable industry research and analysis with tailored consulting services, focused exclusively on issues surrounding IT-business alignment.

Founded in 2005 by two high profile UK-based industry analysts, MWD provides advice to enterprise IT organisations and suppliers of IT technologies and services in order to help senior decision-makers make better business decisions, and to maximise the business value received from IT investments.

MWD’s analysts bring over 60 years’ experience working with senior IT decision makers worldwide from a range of industries including retail, financial services, oil and gas, travel and leisure, utilities, manufacturing, public sector, healthcare and telecoms. Over 2600 subscribers currently benefit from MWD’s research.

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