The Open Suite Approach: Ride the Shock Waves of a Changing Web

Time: 11.15-12.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: Founders that invent the future
Track: Towards The Open Web

Location: Room D

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Boris Kraft has been creating and selling software for 25 years. He is the Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Magnolia International, a Swiss-based open source CMS vendor.

Boris is a member of the European CMS Expert Group and an experienced speaker: he’s held keynotes at five Magnolia Conferences, a keynote at Magnolia Amplify 2013, talks for the Web Content Mavens, Washington, 2008, the Server Side Java Symposium in Barcelona 2006, Innovation & Transformation, Washington DC, 2006, at OSCOM 2004 and at LOTS (Lets open the source) in 2004 and 2005.

Boris is also a prolific writer: He likes to blog about all things Magnolia and regularly publishes articles in online and print magazines as well.

When’s he’s not developing content management visions in Magnolia’s Basel headquarters, he loves to go sailing on Lake Lucerne, skiing in the Swiss Alps or admiring art around the world.


Magnolia CMS is used by leading organizations around the globe, including MBC, Sony, Nissan, Airbus and the US Navy.

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