Keynote: Disruption isn’t anarchy – it is a strategy

Time: 17.30 - 17.55 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014

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Damian’s job is to make Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and CNBC feel irrelevant, corporate and vacuous. It’s fun…

Prior to help found Real Vision, Damian worked as a Marketing Strategist for brands including Microsoft, Sage Hotels and Hachette.

Before then he worked in advertising where he was listed in The 100 Most Influential People in Media, won multiple awards and even had a campaign exhibited at the Tate gallery.
Damian loves old boats, the smell of sun cream, photography, sleeper trains, custard, and classic cars.

He gets bored easily.

And he has been arrested for driving the wrong way round the M25 motorway

About Real Vision

Real Vision TV is an on-demand video channel that is on a mission to shake up the finance industry. Clever investment isn’t about what is happening now. It’s about knowing what could happen next.

The knock-on effect…You can’t stay ahead by relying on vacuous soundbites, biased research, and the knee jerk reactions of corporate spokespeople.

You need to arm yourself with independent thought and analysis from real experts on real world investment and real world economics

RealvisionTV features presentations from world-respected independent analysts, in depth interviews with the most successful investors, presentations on new developments in real word economics from the worlds leading University faculties, insights from the most lateral business authors and illuminating documentaries from filmmakers

Real Vision’s aim is to create a revolution in how individuals and professional investors can better educate themselves to take advantage of the knock-on effect in the ever-changing world of financial markets.

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