Infusing Digital Strategy: An Exploration of Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship and the Sharing Economy

Time: 13.00-16.00 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014

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Karoliina Luoto is a consultant focusing on agile purchasing, great web concepts and and agile customer/client co-work management. In Karoliina’s world, project methodology is not a black and white issue, but a series of questions which require creative and preferably simple solutions. Porjects are not about waterfall or agile, they are about vision, inspection and adaptation.

Before consulting, Karoliina has been in charge of web service and collaboration development in different organizations. She also has background in marketing, communications and publishing.

About Codento

Codento is a Finnish consultancy aiming for smarter software projects. Codento specializes in agility, open source and open architectures, and thinks change is about new thinking and determination.

In the below brief video Karoliina shares some advice on purchasing agile web development projects based on 3 common project management challenges:

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