Digital Content Strategy with an Eye On Wearable Tech Trends

Time: 16.15-17.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014
Session: Google Glasses and next generation devices
Track: Towards The Open Web

Location: Room D

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Infusing Digital Strategy: An Exploration of Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship and the Sharing Economy

Time: 13.00-16.00 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014

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Neal is an Digital Asset Specialist in the Digital Media Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art where he forecasts digital trends, leads digitization efforts and manages special initiatives such as the Google Art Project.

Stimler is a Google Glass Explorer and participates in experimental programs with The Met Media Lab. Neal advocates for digital humanities methods of collaboration and inquiry as the core of museum practice.

He is committed to strengthening digital preservation in museums as they become vital stewards of digital culture. Stimler encourages museums’ to open access and use of the shared cultural heritage resources in their repositories for the humanistic benefit of the public.

Neal is also Former Social Media Curator of Museums and the Web.

Neal organized the first crowdsourced YouTube panel, “Philosophical Leadership Needed for The Future: Digital Humanities Scholars in Museums,” for the 2011 Museum Computer Network Conference.

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