Keynote: Naked Innovation

Time: 16.40-17.05 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014

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What’s on – Roundtable discussions

Time: 14.00-15.00 Wednesday, 5. Nov 2014

1. Bitcoin and other cybercurrencies
2. Cards UX: How far can it go?
3. Collaboration with SharePoint
4. Content marketing in higher education
5. Customer experience management: Is it the future online?
6. Developing the digital dimension for social change
7. Digital maturity
8. Help, my digital agency doesn't understand me
9. How to implement a human-centred design process
10. Preparing yourself and your organisation for the Open Web
11. Searching for answers - enterprise search in 2014 and beyond
12. Selling the notion of the Digital Workplace
13. Should we stop talking about digital strategy?
14. Social collaboration
15. Technology choices for building a customer/partner community
16. Towards the transparent and extended organisation
17. We want content strategy, but where do we start?

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Paul-Jervis Heath is a designer and innovation consultant. He’s Principal at Modern Human, a design studio and innovation consultancy.

He applies human-centred design to help businesses to invent their future. He leads design projects and builds capability for design thinking within organisations. Over a 15 year career he’s introduced human-centred design methods to many organisations and led diverse design projects such as in-car information systems, smart home appliances, concepts for retail stores of the future, and countless other multichannel services and digital products.

Don’t get him started on the ancient British tradition of queueing for coffee unless you have an hour to spare. Actually, ask him while you’re in a queue.

Some facts:

  • Applies human-centred design to help businesses to invent their future.
  • Is a design mentor and non-exec director to a number of startups.
  • Has been a digital product designer and service designer for 16 years
  • Once did a comedy course but unfortunately it didn’t make him any funnier.

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