Torkild’s journey in leadership and the digital world has gone on for more than two decades.

He is far from what is called a digital native and some would say, far away by education, but he fell in love with the digital world as it got momentum in the early ‘90ies.

Right, at the time where it coincided with his career in strategic leadership. He sometimes jokes that what makes him a truly good leader is, that he is not burden with deep knowledge in a specific field.

He finds, that his law degree and the part time job as judge at the Danish merchants court is what defines his leadership: The ability to sift facts from feelings, sift fact into relevance and non-relevance, and the courage based on that to make a decision.


The Danish Association of Managers and Executives – Lederne – is an organisation for all Danish managers and executives.

Lederne represents the professional, financial and social interests of its members. As a service organisation Lederne offers its members an extensive range of professional services. These services include counselling related to pay and employment terms, legal aid, professional training, unemployment insurance and a magazine “Lederne” (“The Executives”).

At present Lederne has approx. 100.000 members. All members are managers and executives from the private as well as the public sector