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4 steps to a successful enterprise social adoption

October 31, 2014 | , , , | Comments Off on 4 steps to a successful enterprise social adoption

Fighting with a crowded inbox? Looking for better ways to collaborate? Many vendors are fighting to use a part of your budget to help address these types of challenges, but what are the best practices for adopting enterprise social technology in a successful way? Martin Risgaard Rasmussen, application consultant at Microsoft, spends his working hours on helping customers with exactly this.

According to Martin, a key point is to keep focus on the people using the new technology than on the technology itself. Martin was among the last to get a Yammer business card prior to the acquisition by Microsoft and has previously worked with internal communications and enterprise collaboration on the customer side at organisations such as Arla Foods and Grundfos. With his experience from both sides of the table, we asked him to share 4 tangible steps on how to succeed with enterprise social adoption.