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Bebo White

Embrace big and open data

July 8, 2014 | , , , | Comments Off on Embrace big and open data

“The real purpose of big and open data may in fact be its potential to revolutionize the way businesses interact with customers, transform how customers access and consume (and even wear) useful data, and ultimately redefine the relationship between buyers and sellers.”

Scott Liewehr, President and Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group

Big and open data is not just a buzzword created by writers and marketers. Big data means big business and open data means extending the reach and impact of your organisation. It is predicted that analysing these vast quantities of data will become a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus in the age of information.

However, while data and especially predictive analytics, has great business potential, it must be actionable and accessible beyond the small number of “experts” that have access and the aptitude to use to high-end tools in order to deliver value.

Plus, to serve the broadest set of business objectives and users, the goal isn’t just to accumulate more data. Rather, it’s about collecting what data is already available, discovering its meaning in the context of the task at hand, and delivering the right data in the right format to the broadest set of users.