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Jacob Bundsgaard

Aarhus: Home of J. Boye & the Danish Internet Economy

October 29, 2014 | , , , | Comments Off on Aarhus: Home of J. Boye & the Danish Internet Economy

Everyone’s proud of where they’re from. J. Boye is no exception. We’re convinced that Aarhus is the place to be – especially if you’re into that thing called digital. Luckily, the Municipality of Aarhus agrees with us and this is why we have co-operated on promoting the J. Boye conference all these previous years.

However, for this year we have stepped up the co-operation and the municipality is now hosting our Tuesday afternoon and evening event at the iconic Aarhus Town Hall. With an opening by Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard, 3 world-class keynotes, an opportunity to use Google Glass and much more, this will really make Conference Day #1 at our 10th anniversary conference something special

Stephen Emmott

What’s essential for long-term digital success?

September 8, 2014 | , | Comments Off on What’s essential for long-term digital success?

Platform selection remains a high priority among J. Boye group members, whether it is a new content management system, marketing technology or a collaboration suite. Most industry analysts will only cover the platforms and their vendors to guide you in shortlisting. At Digital Clarity Group they’ve taken a different approach. They believe that the service provider – agency, system integrator or what have you – is crucial to whether any implementation is successful.

Brian Bentzen

Tomorrow is digital adulthood

August 19, 2014 | | Comments Off on Tomorrow is digital adulthood

The world of digital is ever changing and tomorrow only people and organisations working with digital in a truly professional way will succeed. Economists, lawyers, engineers and craftsmen all know what their professional field of practice covers. They all know what they need to master. We are missing a holistic understanding of what digital covers. We are missing a complete definition of what we need to master ourselves, so that we can get a full understanding and move business forward. Tomorrow you will know if you succeeded, but it is today that you must act to become a genuine digital professional.

Jakob Dorph Broager

2 aspects to consider when building a digital roadmap

July 29, 2014 | , | Comments Off on 2 aspects to consider when building a digital roadmap

Roadmaps have become the holy grail of most digital strategies. But when should a project go on your roadmap? How do you prioritize upgrading your CMS in relation to a content improvement project and is a Google SEO project the only thing that really matters?

In the J. Boye network, we have experienced that some members tend to forget that the digital roadmap doesn’t only concern marketing, communications and IT. As digital has become an integral part of any business, the digital roadmap needs to account for your organisation’s business needs. The same principle applies in relation to your strategy. It should be aligned and integrated with your organisation’s overall business strategy. The worst mistake is to view digital as an isolated issue.

Also, keep in mind that your roadmap is a means to reach an end – and if the end changes, so should your roadmap. Don’t just write up a plan and archive it in your bin. Instead, think of it as a vibrant and living organism subject to change.