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Allister Frost

The future of marketing will blow your socks off

September 23, 2014 | , | Comments Off on The future of marketing will blow your socks off

Technology is a fast moving and changing field, but so is marketing. With consumers being more informed than ever, you need to make faster and also better decisions to succeed.

We have caught up with UK-based marketing expert Allister Frost, Founder and Managing Consultant at Wild Orange Media and asked him to share guidance on what’s happening right now.

Allister Frost

Explore the future attitudes of marketing

August 13, 2014 | , | Comments Off on Explore the future attitudes of marketing

In the age of the digitally empowered consumers, marketeers must think differently about their brand and about the way they market it. E.g. if I sell high-end tents it is no longer enough to brand my products and then let the retailers sell my goods. Consumers in an omnichannel world expect more, including being able to stand in a store and order the tent they want on your website (because it wasn’t in the store that day).

Unfortunately marketeers are focused on branding and marketing in the traditional sense: We tell a great story about ourselves and create great advertisements in the current channel of choice for our target group. According to seasoned digital marketing strategist Allister Frost branding in this day and age must take a much broader perspective. And it must do so by really listening to the consumer and understanding the new and future technologies.

In his presentation The Future of Marketing in an Age of Uncertainty at the J. Boye Aarhus conference in November, Allister will give tangible advice on how to talk to your consumers.

As a teaser, here are my three tips you should keep in mind when you’re thinking of your digital marketing strategy: