Everything about SharePoint at J. Boye Aarhus 14


Brian Schildt - Moderator on the JBoye Conference SharePoint track

SharePoint – for better or for worse

October 8, 2014 | | Comments Off on SharePoint – for better or for worse

SharePoint is on the lips of many organizations when talking about digital collaboration – for better or for worse. To many organizations SharePoint has evolved to be a platform for collaboration in teams and knowledge sharing across business units. Creating business value and supporting daily work SharePoint has become a business critical IT platform contributing to the strategic business goals.

But a number of business are still struggling with lack of governance, missing executive attention, lack of user adoption and troubles reaching the return on investment, if it was ever challenged – and now, facing cluttered content and troublesome custom development on legacy solutions it might be a hard time arguing the need to upgrade the platform.

The J. Boye conference in Aarhus, Denmark, from 4 to 6 November, will feature a conference track dedicated to making SharePoint work. On the track experts and practitioners with hands-on SharePoint experience will share their knowledge and present case studies

Stephen Emmott

SharePoint strengths, weaknesses and alternatives

September 3, 2014 | | Comments Off on SharePoint strengths, weaknesses and alternatives

It seems that in some organisations, no matter the requirement, the answer is Microsoft SharePoint. Whether social intranet, mobile solutions, web content management, portal, cloud or collaboration, SharePoint has become the preferred platform to some.

Blindly using any solution – whether SharePoint or other – for everything is a risky and potentially costly proposition. Over the years, implementors have come to realise this and have become better at realistically estimating efforts and openly discussing where SharePoint is the right fit. In fact, it is a little known industry secret, that those committed to SharePoint later consider something else when it comes to new projects, either due to budget reasons or simply because of a lack of functionality.