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Eileen Brown

Internal influencers is the key to a successful social business

October 29, 2014 | , , , | Comments Off on Internal influencers is the key to a successful social business

In the digital era, the way to do marketing and raise awareness of your brand and products is to create something that people want to share on social media.

Internal influencers are a key asset and essential to the success of your social business, says Eileen Brown, a social business guru who is speaking at the J. Boye Aarhus 14 conference.

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4 steps to a successful communication strategy for online crises

October 27, 2014 | , , , | Comments Off on 4 steps to a successful communication strategy for online crises

You probably know about the importance of ensuring a good customer experience no matter the platform and touchpoint of your customer’s journey. But how do you manifest your strategy in a time of an online crisis? And what is the recipe for a future-ready crisis communication strategy?

Prior to his tutorial together with Chris Malpass on managing hostility and crises online at the J. Boye Aarhus 14 conference, we met Steph Gray, social media expert and founder of UK based social media consultancy Social Simulator, to learn more about how to best deal with communication crises in today’s everything-right-now digital era:

Lotte - work

The social winds of change

October 15, 2014 | , , , | Comments Off on The social winds of change

Mobile and digital communication are penetrating even the most remote areas of the world making distance less important than ever when it comes to reach. Enabled by the channels of for instance social media, we are able to engage with other cultures and help facilitate change in communities in far away corners of the world – even without leaving our bed. It has never been this easy to facilitate change. Or has it?

Are we really changing the world? Sure, the possibility of facilitating capacity-building amongst those who need it is there, but don’t we just end up building new presences for knowledge and information that we consume without actually engaging? Or is it possible to empower people and help them learn something, which in turn will help them solve issues in their communities?

Rahel Anne Bailie

Building trust with social content

September 15, 2014 | , , , | Comments Off on Building trust with social content

In a globalised and digitised economy, competition is fierce. To maintain current customers and attract new ones, organisations must stand out. And the differentiator is not simply an offer of outstanding products or by shouting louder, but by building trust with your brand.

Social media, social collaboration and social business are all newer aspects of building and maintaining trust. Many organisations have already embraced social media. Occasionally it has led to great success, sometimes less so, and often have left the bumps and scars that are part of a maturing discipline. Along the way, consumers have matured, as well. The tell-tale signs that lead a consumer to build trust, or mistrust, are also changing. What doesn’t change is the underlying principle of trust, and the role it plays in interactions between companies and customers.