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Rahel Anne Bailie

Building trust with social content

September 15, 2014 | , , , | Comments Off on Building trust with social content

In a globalised and digitised economy, competition is fierce. To maintain current customers and attract new ones, organisations must stand out. And the differentiator is not simply an offer of outstanding products or by shouting louder, but by building trust with your brand.

Social media, social collaboration and social business are all newer aspects of building and maintaining trust. Many organisations have already embraced social media. Occasionally it has led to great success, sometimes less so, and often have left the bumps and scars that are part of a maturing discipline. Along the way, consumers have matured, as well. The tell-tale signs that lead a consumer to build trust, or mistrust, are also changing. What doesn’t change is the underlying principle of trust, and the role it plays in interactions between companies and customers.