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Claudia Urschbach

Change management is essential to your user experience strategy

October 1, 2014 | , | Comments Off on Change management is essential to your user experience strategy

Nowadays you often hear CEOs say things like: “We must become a truly customer-focused organisation“. Let’s take a step back and ask ourselves what that actually means? Do we all think about the same UX activities and changes to the organisation? Has the CEO any idea of all the possibilities we have to choose from when trying to become a customer-focused organisation? These are difficult questions.

In many organisations, Mr Marketing thinks about improving the website to increase sales while Mr Product Manager thinks about reducing production costs by getting rid of features customers don’t appreciate. The good news is: Everybody is right. The bad news is: There are plenty of options and it is damn hard to decide where to start, how to plan and how to budget for the endeavour of “becoming a truly customer-focused organisation”.

Eric Karjaluoto

Design is in, advertising is out

September 5, 2014 | , | Comments Off on Design is in, advertising is out

At J. Boye we have noticed that there are distinct changes happening in the relationship between design and business.

To explore this further we recently caught up with Eric Karjaluoto, seasoned design expert and creative director of Vancouver-based agency smashLAB for a Q&A about the latest design trends seen from his perspective.

Eric Karjaluoto

Design is about discipline, not creativity

August 21, 2014 | | Comments Off on Design is about discipline, not creativity

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
Steve Jobs


Creativity. A means of personal expression and a source of innovation. It sounds wonderful. But often the desire to be “creative” stands in the way for designs that users can actually use. See, when you create something out of pure passion with the purpose of expressing yourself, your aim is not to make your design useful for anybody else than – yes, yourself.

But is this appropriate when you have to make a design for someone else to use? Not really. According to Canadian digital design expert, Eric Karjaluoto, we all need to change the way we think about design. Unlike art, he argues that design is not about creativity as such. Instead, design is about discipline and producing sensible, functional, and appropriate work. Design is about employing a methodology that moves the focus away from the studio/designer and back to the client.