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Siteimprove: The web’s equivalent to Oxford Companions

June 30, 2014 | , , | Comments Off on Siteimprove: The web’s equivalent to Oxford Companions

In 2008, Vampire Weekend released a song with the lyrics “Who gives a f*** about an Oxford comma?” However, not everyone can take the liberty of being so darn indifferent when it comes to comma or grammar rules. For many businesses correct spelling and punctuation is drop dead important to their image, as is monitoring, collecting and analysing website data, optimising and improving search rankings and maintaining digital accessibility.

Now, for those who are not that familiar with all the peculiarities of the English language and grammatical rules, but who unlike Vampire Weekend regard it as important, you needn’t worry. Siteimprove, a Danish headquartered web governance vendor, has developed a quality assurance tool, which helps their customers tackle dead links and spelling mistakes, as well as maintain the integrity of their websites.