On Conference Day #2 and Conference Day #3, you can choose between 6 tracks each day.

Feel free to either mix and match your own programme or spend the day on the same track. Either way, you can expect amazing presentations, moderated discussions and excellent networking with peers.

Conference Day #2 - Wednesday

Community Management & The Networked Organisation

Few have cracked the nut of the really successful community and getting people to collaborate in- and outside the organisation is not done just by adding an extranet to your channels. At this track you will meet people who have mastered the art of creating and maintaining a community with success and who have turned their extranet into a channel of true engagement. If you want to learn how others have implemented collaboration and network tools in their organisation this is the track to attend.

Content Strategy

Content marketing, cross channel, mobile, social, customer journeys, SEO. There are many words to fit into the circle of content, but what does content strategy look like in a cross channel, multi device internet of things world? If you are curious to hear and discuss how to tackle content both the everyday "How I make sure that my content converts" and the more festive "This is what we are striving for in two years" this track is for you. It is the track for you who love to think that content is still about creating something that people care about and would like to consume. And for you who would like to get beyond correcting spelling mistakes and broken links and move .

Digital Leadership

Digital needs leadership not just management. Digital managers who have succeeded recognize that digital is just as much about developing new business models, organising and leading change as it is about knowing your technologies. At the digital leadership track you’ll meet digital managers who have transformed their organisations, created governance models that prove value to the business and who are finding ways to tackle the changes made necessary by mobile and social.
Note: The digital leadership conference track continues on Thursday, November 6, but you are welcome just to attend on Wednesday, November 5.

Intranet and digital workplace

Do you want to know how others are transforming their intranet from information spaces to digital workplaces? At the intranet and digital workplace track you'll have the chance to peek into your fellow intranet managers backyard. Hear how others are getting the intranet on the radar of management not because it is not performing, but because it is. Listen to stories of how things went wrong - and how lessons learnt eventually fixed it. In short listen, share and learn from other peoples practical experiences - and get new ideas to take home to your own company.
Note: The intranet and digital workplace conference track continues on Thursday, November 6, but you are welcome just to attend on Wednesday, November 5.

Project Management

How do you manage digital projects with success? Will Scrum and Canban save the day or is there still something to be said for the old waterfall model? Project management is the ultimate testing ground for digital professionals and it can be a complicated and messy affair, but there are tools and methods, which have proven successful. Learn how others are managing their projects, discuss, how to get your team to preform and your organisation to listen and test which methods might work for you.

Towards The Open Web

Celebrating the 10th J. Boye conference and the 25 years of web it seems appropriate to dedicate a track to the changes happening not just to the people and organisations using the web, but also to the changes of technology. What are the next generation devices? Will the Internet of things mean an end to the supremacy of the smartphone? Will privacy issues mean an end to the dream of big data? At this track you will meet those who can tell the story of the past and those who are predicting the future by inventing it.

Conference Day #3 - Thursday

Digital Leadership

What tools and methods do you need to employ to not just manage but also actually lead the digital transformation of your organization? What competencies do you need and whom should you employ? Is it all about objectives, measures and analytics or are there other factors at play? Discuss how digital disrupts and transforms business with other leaders and be a part of finding the answers.

Higher Education

How do you gain the attention of the digital natives? And how do you compete and market your organisation in a global market? Mobile and social are disrupting and challenging our notions of how to gain an educational degree. Higher Education like other organisations need to figure out how to communicate and collaborate with their stakeholders, promote their brand and deal with the changed formats of teaching, learning and testing caused digital. At this track we will discuss the challenges and opportunities of digital for Higher Education and learn from best practice cases.

Intranet and digital workplace

For those of us who are sitting by a desktop day in and out the digital work place has been a reality for years, but how can we get better at developing digital work tools that are designing and supports the way(s) we work? How are mobile devices changing the way we work and the way we use our work tools? And what about those workers who have never been digital but increasingly have to be because we now have the tools for it? Join this track if you would like to discuss solutions for tomorrows workplace, see best practice cases and meet others who are passionate about designing systems and tools for communication, collaboration and solving tasks.
Note: The intranet and digital workplace conference track starts on Day #2, but you are welcome just to attend Day #3

Making SharePoint Work

Want to know what makes SharePoint work in organisations much like your own? Are you ready to discuss not just what makes SharePoint 2013 better, but also how to make people use the new features. At this track we look beyond technology and discuss how to create better links between what SharePoint can do for your business and how it is used in your organisation. You'll hear stories of success and of how things went wrong and were fixed for the better. Come learn from others, get fresh insights and share some of your own learnings about structuring and governing SharePoint solutions.


What does it take to build and maintain a strong brand presence across channels and devices? Online branding is not new and neither is the tool set that enables engagement, automation and tracking, but there is still much to be gained in the realm of utilizing it. At the marketing track we'll discuss the development and governance of customer experience management and how to market across channels. We will hear how others have created successful campaigns and solutions and discuss what it takes for the customer to truly engage with our brand.

User experience design

User experience is moving beyond usability and designing for one device or channel and towards managing customer experience across channels. At the user experience design track you will have the opportunity to meet with fellow ux'ers and hear how they work with creating coherent user journeys. We'll discuss how to create methods for lean and simple UX. The track will be a mix of practical hands on - how did I do it sessions and explorations of new tips and tricks of the trade.