Creating Cultures That Innovate

Speakers: Rose Cameron
Time: 9.00-12.00 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014
Location: Room D

By contrasting the dynamics of cutting-edge innovative spaces with participants’ own day-to-day working environments, Rose will explore the characteristics that best engender innovative practices.

By reflecting on the obstacles that impair innovation, the strategy and tactics necessary to foster sustainable cultures that support it will be revealed. Participants will leave with both an expectation of how their internal culture can be changed and crucially the next steps towards achieving this.

More than just an intellectual exercise, Rose will challenge hearts as well as minds, instilling innovation into your everyday interactions as a key take away.

In this three hour workshop we will:

1.    Identify the core principles of cultures that innovate
2.    Explore the barriers to innovation currently impeding your company’s progress
3.    Identify strategies to overcome these barriers
4.    Develop simple steps for you to begin fostering innovation in your culture

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