Developing a user experience strategy for your organisation

Speakers: Claudia Urschbach
Time: 13.00-16.00 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014
Location: Room D

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Nowadays you often hear CEOs say things like „We must become a truly customer-focussed organisation“. What does that actually mean? Do we all think about the same UX activities and changes to the organisation? Has the CEO any idea of all the possibilities we have to choose from when trying to become a customer-focussed organisation? Difficult questions. In many organisations Mr Marketing thinks about improving the website to increase sales while Mr Product Manager thinks about reducing production costs by getting rid of features customers don’t appreciate.

The good news is: Everybody is right. The bad news is: There are plenty of options and it is damn hard to decide where to start, how to plan and how to budget for the endeavour of „becoming a truly customer-focussed organisation“.

Developing and implementing a UX strategy means changes in many different corners of your organisation. As always with change management you have to be clever with your decision where you start. You want to reach momentum quickly and without the effect of demotivation in your teams.

The key question is: Which activities have the biggest positive impact, cause the least tension and bring return of investment quickest?
Becoming a customer-focussed organisation is much easier and cost-effective when you have a dedicated UX strategy that includes clearly defined goals and a roadmap for implementation covering different areas of the organisation.

The workshop will use a case study / example organisation to help you understand what a successful UX strategy includes. We will look at all areas of an organisation that should be considered by a UX strategy and you will take away ideas on how to approach the task of creating a realistic and successful roadmap.

During the workshop we will focus on a top-down approach to developing and implementing UX strategy – however, many ideas we will talk about can also be initiated bottom-up to raise awareness for the need of a UX strategy on executive level.

What You’ll Take Away:

Who Should Attend:

CEOs, Marketing / Product / UX / Technology Managers, Change Managers of all sorts and everyone else with an ambition of bringing more customer-focus into their organisation.


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