Customer Experience Management: The Tools, Team and Tactics needed to compete in an Outside-In World

Speakers: Marianne Kay
Time: 13.00-16.00 Tuesday, 4. Nov 2014
Location: Room O

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In this workshop I will introduce you to your new boss – the customer.

Like any boss, she has little time, and hates wasting it. She is always right, and persuading her to change her mind is difficult. Most worryingly, in the recent years she became increasingly attached to her mobile.

So, how do you manage her? How do you get her attention? Or alternatively, can you ignore her? Can you just get on with doing things your way?

These are the questions that we will explore in this engaging session about Customer Experience Management (CEM).

We will cover:

We all know how great customer experience feels. But designing great customer experiences is hard work. This workshop will provide structure and direction for your CEM initiatives.

This session is for anyone who is interested in taking their business to a new level – from CEOs, CMOs and CTOs to web designers, usability professionals and content managers. Customer experience management is not a department. It’s everyone’s job.

Let’s get started today!